BackflowWhat is Backflow and how do you prevent it?

Backflow refers to the flow of water in a direction opposite to the normal flow or to the introduction of any foreign liquids, gases, or substances into the public water system.

This can occur anywhere, even at your home. For example, a garden hose submerged into a hot tub or swimming pool, inserted into your car’s radiator to flush out the antifreeze, or attached to an insecticide sprayer could siphon hazardous material back into our water system.

Many such incidents have been documented throughout the country.In one incident, a high school had ethylene glycol (antifreeze) from an air-conditioner backflow into the water system, resulting in eight teachers being sent to the hospital.

There are many ways that Swag Plumbing Baulkham Hills can help you identify and prevent potential problems in order to ensure the protection of the public water system, keeping the water safe for you and your family.

We perform a full range of services related to backflow prevention, including installation, testing, repair and certification for any and all backflow prevention devices. These devices contain mechanical check values that keep dirty water from entering the clean water lines in case of major changes affecting water pressure.

We can make sure that your property is correctly equipped with the right backflow devices. To keep backflow valves working correctly and aligned with municipal codes, they have to be inspected every year. When your system is due for another backflow test, we’ll remind you so that you continue to receive uninterrupted water service.

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